Crownduit makes “MDU Technology Providers Top 100” list for 2016

November 1st, 2016

Broadband CommunitiesMDU Top 100
To select the Top 100 MDU technology providers, Broadband Communities relied on a panel of industry experts.

Because experts don’t always agree and because changes were taking place in the industry as this feature was researched and prepared, the magazine’s editors made the final selections. In addition to operating in the U.S. market, criteria included the following:
Provide products or services that help property owners create technology amenities to attract and retain residents. The technology amenities that attract and retain residents vary depending on the residents an owner is trying to attract and retain. Some demographics are looking for blazing Internet speeds, over-the-top video solutions and ubiquitous wireless coverage; others want a wide wide variety of linear TV channels; others may want specialized channel lineups or the option of health-monitoring solutions. Of the companies on this list, some offer services targeted to a specific niche, and others offer flexible solutions that can be tailored to the needs of a particular community.
Have a history of innovation and successful deployments. Companies on the list may have been recommended by advisory panel members based on firsthand knowledge or may have been subjects of case studies in this magazine or elsewhere.
Identification of MDUs as a target market. Many technology solutions are frequently used in MDUs but are not specifically marketed to or for them. For example, cable set-top boxes are found throughout MDUs everywhere, but they cannot be specifically classified as MDU products.
Though only a minority of the companies on this list focus exclusively on the MDU market, most have have sales divisions or specialized offerings that address this market and understand its needs.