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    Crownduit’s Removable Miterless Moulding System

Crownduit® is an environmentally friendly crown moulding system. The system combines an MDF faceplate with a PVC mounting device, offering serviceability for telecommunication installations. Crownduit® is a complete component system — no mitering, nails or putty required. Overlapping seam covers eliminate seams from opening due to expansion and contraction. Crownduit® beautifies any room as a crown moulding by itself, with the added advantage of a built-in wire chase for future wire management needs. US Patent 8,779,290 B1

MDF Faceplate

Crownduit’s faceplate and components are made from the highest quality MDF, is fully paintable and is environmentally friendly.

PVC Wire Chase

Crownduit’s internal wire chase is made of Color Master CMR4240 NAT 01 ridged PVC compound. 57% of PVC is made out of chlorine, which is delivered from common salt that is abundant on earth. Therefore PVC contributes significantly to saving oil or gas, which are non renewable resources, in comparison to other plastics whose composition depends entirely on oil. Crownduit’s internal wire chase is self extinguishable, made from 100% pure virgin PVC.

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